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Artificial vertical gardens and fences

You need to create partitions, screens in your garden, or you just want to have an artificial hedge, which is a really great solution to your problem, e.g. with shading space? Artificial hedges are perfect for you. They perfectly fulfill this purpose, at the same time they beautifully beautify the garden and also a great advantage is that you can install them separately with the left rear, as it is really very simple. In our offer you will find a wide range of artificial hedges for your exterior, which we supply in rolls or in the form of 50x50 cm panels, which are the perfect choice if you need custom dimensions, as these panels are easy to divide and you can effectively adapt them precisely. according to your idea. As for the level of shading, we offer you a choice from the so-called symbolic shading, until completely opaque. All our fences are resistant to frost, UV radiation and water. They require almost no care, but they always look beautiful, which makes them a really significant added value. They look alive, they are made with the latest technologies and therefore no one will even know that it is an imitation. They blend in perfectly with your garden.