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Marble gravel - 1200ml

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Its color is white - gray. The size of the stones is 8 - 16 mm and they are rounded in shape. The contents of the package are 1200 ml and with this amount you will cover the surface of the flowerpot with a diameter of 35 cm , or an area of 0.09 m2 .


You can use it, for example, as a rock stone, a stone decoration along the sidewalk, or as a decoration for flower pots, vases or aquariums. Due to its color, it is very popular and sought after.


You can use marble gravel from our offer to fasten artificial plants and artificial trees in a decorative flowerpot, in various terrariums, as a backdrop for artificial succulents and cacti. It is also ideal as a base for artificial box balls, thus creating a perfect connection of these products.


Product code 35009
Volume 1200 ml


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