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Gradenia artificial ball white 45 cm

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Our artificial ball Gardenia white has a diameter of 45 cm . It contains beautiful white flowers and well-processed green leaves, which are indistinguishable from the living. Our sphere consists of two hemispheres that fold together to form one whole. The ball also has UV protection , so it is suitable for placement outdoors .


Our artificial ball Gradenia white is suitable for the interior, but thanks to UV protection, it can also be placed outdoors. Ideal for flower pots or for hanging with a chain. It is a suitable addition to hotels, to the terrace or balcony. It fills open rooms very nicely. It is also suitable for the garden and you can complement it with, for example, decorative chips or decorative stones, which you will also find in our offer.


You can also combine the artificial white ball Gardenia with other artificial balls such as Boxwood, Krušpán or Tea ball. You can also combine it very nicely with live plants in your garden. Tall shiny flower pots of dark but also light color are suitable for this ball. This will create a wonderfully luxurious decoration that you can place anywhere.


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Average 45 cm
UV Protection yes


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