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Flower pots and boxes

The pots in our offer are not only for artificial flowers, but also for live ones. You will find different types, shapes and sizes of flower pots, different colors, designs. You can choose from various materials according to your preferences, from stainless steel, fiberglass or galvanized flower pots, we also have plastic flower pots, wooden flower pots that will perfectly and according to your ideas complete your interior or exterior. For more demanding customers we also have a special type of so-called Lechuza flower pots that will enchant you with their modern design and sophisticated functionality. Due to these unique properties, these Lechuza flower pots rank among the top places of popularity far ahead of classic flower pots. We have them in various colors and in various variants, also with quality painting. Impact resistance, frost resistance, UV resistance, as well as high quality - these are the main differences between Lechuza flower pots and the classic ones.