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Artificial tree Ficus 180 cm

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Ficus is always a green decorative tree, which is one of the most popular houseplants. It has slightly drooping branches and ovoid pointed leaves. They tend to be deep green in color and very often plants with variegated leaves are also grown. In a few years, a small Ficus will grow on a houseplant and can grow to a height of several meters. Ficus likes plenty of bright and diffused light, but not direct sunlight. It thrives at normal room temperatures up to 24 ° C, in winter the temperature should not fall below 15 ° C. The plant does not tolerate large temperature fluctuations and drafts. In the winter months, grow it in crowded places.


The original soil of the plant are the forests of Malaysia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia. In New Guinea, for example, the largest Ficus grows - they can reach a height of more than 40 meters and a thickness of 4 to 5 meters, but at home it does not grow more than two meters. These flowers have large glossy leaves, falling down and milk juice. It is known in Latin America, where this juice is used to make drugs that dissolve tumors. In Indonesia, and especially in India, Ficus is considered a sacred plant that provides spirituality and enlightenment. Residents often see it in temples. According to Eastern philosophy, Ficus cultivates positive energy in the house.


Our artificial tree Fikus is 180 cm high, including the basic flowerpot. It has 2 trunks of natural wood, on which are richly placed rich leaf crowns. The leaves are made of plastic, but they look alive to the touch. Their color is light and dark green with a combination of cream on the edges of the leaf. Our artificial Fikus is an indoor plant that comes in a basic plastic flowerpot with a diameter of 20.32 cm . The surface of the artificial substrate is covered with moss.


Our beautiful Fikus, faithfully imitating its living form, is guaranteed to beautify your home very beautifully. However, it is necessary to place him in the right place, where his beauty can be fully manifested. Whether in the office , living room or hallway - this gem fits really anywhere. It is a very good choice even for extremely demanding interior spaces (lack of light, smoking areas, hard-to-reach areas).


Artificial Ficus is our best-selling product. He multiplies his beauty in the company of Zamiokulkasa , Dífenbachie , but also with various species of Bonsai. For Fikus, we also recommend that you choose a nice decorative flowerpot that will suit both the plant and the chosen interior. A properly chosen flower pot can do real wonders. One-color flowerpots, ideally in soft colors, fit perfectly with our artificial Ficus. You will also find a large selection of flower pots in our offer.


Product code 20087
Height 180 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert height 17 cm
Insert diameter 19.8 cm
Number of stems / stems 2 ks
Stem / stem material wood
Leaf height 6 cm
Leaf width 3.5 cm
Number of sheets 2420 ks
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color brown
Branch color brown
Leaf color green, white
Trunk / stem height 65 cm
UV Protection not
Insert color black


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