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Artificial tree Fern 180 cm

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Ferns are among the most surprising plants in the world. Their trunk is thin, but their leaves can easily exceed a length of two meters. From a distance, they look like palm trees. Even though they do not have flowers, this did not prevent them from being one of the most popular plants in gardens or terraces. The fern has a root system, stem and leaves. It has no seeds. They look as if several branches were laid in one level and attached to the stem. Their color can vary from light green to dark green.


The most famous and frost-resistant Ferns are native to Tasmania, New Zealand and Australia. They require partial shade, but they also tolerate a shady place, in our dry summer environment they do not like the place in direct sunlight. It is known to thrive in the shade, where many plants do not survive. In our country there are interesting localities with a rich representation of Ferns located in the vicinity of Považská Bystrica. It is caused by mountainous relief, which creates a large number of the most diverse habitats - from dry rocks to waterlogged soils and swamps.


Our artificial Fern tree is 180 cm tall, including a flowerpot. The tree is planted in a pot and has 5 artificial tribes, 128 artificial green leaves which are indistinguishable from real leaves. It is designed for the interior. We supply it in a basic plastic flowerpot with a diameter of 25.4 cm. The surface of the artificial substrate is covered with an imitation of moss.


If you need a tree where there is not enough light, a fern tree is the right choice. It will still look attractive. It stands out the most in the corner of the room or on the edge of the closet. Placement in representative spaces is also suitable. The fern tree is a beautiful decorative accessory for all interiors for a pleasant look. Suitable for use even in extremely demanding interior spaces (lack of light, smoking areas). It is easy to handle and ensures a long service life - all with zero maintenance.


Do you long for a refreshing and mysterious forest atmosphere that will spread through your apartment and you do not know how to achieve it? The ideal solution is charming Fern - houseplant with fascinating leaves that will dress your home in the most beautiful shades of green.

Perennials, rock gardens, ferns and ornamental grasses of various colors and sizes can be combined with our artificial Fern tree. We recommend placing it in a decorative flowerpot, which you will also find in our online store.


Product code 20053
Height 180 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert height 22 cm
Insert diameter 23.9 cm
Number of stems / stems 5 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 40 cm
Leaf width 10 cm
Number of sheets 128 ks
Sheet material plastic
Number of buds 30 ks
Trunk / stem color brown
Leaf color green
Trunk / stem height 35 cm
Insert color black


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