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Artificial plant Zamiokulkas 75 cm

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The exotic Zamio flower is becoming more and more popular for its exotic appearance and is currently one of the most popular houseplants ever. It got its name from its resemblance to the Zamia palm tree, which comes from Central America. This flower managed to gain great popularity in our rooms in a very short time. With its typical dark, leathery, shiny leaves arranged in a ribbed sequence, it is directly destined for beautifying a home or office. The stems of the plant grow in a charming, wand-shaped shape. They are thick at the base and taper towards the end. The whole plant has a waxy, shiny surface that looks like the plant is alive. In the middle of the artificial plant is a light green branch, which shows a new shoot in fresh growth. The size of the plant is about 75 cm, the diameter of the crown is about 40 cm. The main trunk consists of 6 artificial trunks in a nice green color. Leafing begins about 25 cm from the ground. The basic container with a concrete filling is approximately 13x15 cm. The recommended size of the flowerpot should be 20 - 25 cm. Depending on the manufacturer, the plant is delivered in a decorative pot or a basic plastic pot. We recommend suitable planting and hydrogranulate or other filling material.


Product code 4823
Height 75 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Average 40 cm
Insert height 13 cm
Insert diameter 15 cm
Insert material plastic
Stem / stem material plastic
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color green
Leaf color green
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany


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