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Artificial plant Shovel 50 cm

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Lopatkovec is an adaptable and undemanding perennial that will add life to any space in the house. The shovels bloom beautifully and, in addition, are among the plants with the greatest ability to clean the air. Thanks to these properties, the scapular has become a very popular houseplant. Our artificial shovel is about 50 cm high. The leaves and flowers are modeled according to the original in terms of shape, color and relief of the leaf. The color of the leaves on the upper side is a little darker and shiny, the one on the lower side is a little lighter, so this artificial plant looks very natural. The inflorescence consists of a large white leaf (so-called Spathe), which surrounds the vertical creamy color of the flower bulb. The artificial plant comes with a stick. Quick bend and you have a very nice room decoration. The length of the plant is about 50 cm (of which about 12 cm retractable rod). The diameter of the plant is about 40 cm. The sheet material is a quality textile material. The number of flowers on the plant is 3 pieces. The number of leaves on the plant is 21 pieces. The length of the leaves is from 13x4.5 cm to 19x7 cm (LxW). Depending on the manufacturer, the plant is delivered in a decorative pot or a basic plastic pot. We recommend suitable planting and hydrogranulate or other filling material.


Product code 4805
Height 50 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot not included
Average 40 cm
Stem / stem material plastic
Sheet material textiles
Trunk / stem color green
Leaf color green
Flower color white
Flower material textiles
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany
Fruits / flowers yes


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