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Artificial plant Shovel 108 cm

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Lopatkovec is a perennial houseplant grown for beautiful and attractive leaves and flowers. At the same time, it is a plant that is credited with cleaning the air from various pollutants. The leaves are dark green, shiny, lanceolate and have more pronounced veins. They grow from an underground rhizome. They are on long stems and grow to a length of 15 cm.

The flowers grow on solid stems and protrude above the leaves. They are made of about 10 cm long white scapular tulle, which surrounds the central shroud. The plant can bloom for a long time, without change, even for several weeks. At the end of flowering, the flowers turn green and then, when they no longer look nice, it is recommended to cut them with the stem as low as possible at the level of the plant.

Many cultivars were bred, which differ in the size of plant growth, flowers, and the shape of flowers.


Lopatkovec came to Slovak apartments and houses from South America. Lovers of exotic room perennials have gained their attractive appearance and the mentioned practical benefits. However, growers will especially appreciate its ability to adapt to local conditions, despite the fact that it comes from hot and humid tropical areas. The shovel, or Spathiphyllum in Latin, belongs to the family of Aaronic plants.


Our artificial plant Lopatkovec is 108 cm high, including the basic plastic flowerpot in which it is anchored. The shovel is designed for the interior. It is delivered in a basic plastic flowerpot with a diameter of 17.78 cm . The artificial substrate is covered with an imitation of moss. It has 4 green stems, which are made of plastic and on which there are 30 natural green plastic leaves, which look alive to the touch. Also, this plant also contains 4 long white artificial flowers, which look really realistic.


The artificial plant Lopatkovec is very realistically processed and therefore with its beauty it will make every single interior more pleasant. You can place it in a large window or on the floor as a decorative element. The Lopatkovec plant is an ideal solution for creating a pleasant atmosphere in an office , restaurant , relaxation room , home , etc. This Shovel will make every work environment cozy, but also a relaxation zone. It is a beautiful interior decoration that you do not have to worry about, but it will still make you happy for many years in its unaltered form.


Our artificial shovel is a very popular and very nice plant. She can stand out perfectly in space herself, but she definitely understands the other plants that you combine with her. Basically, every green plant fits it. A great choice is, for example, Palicha , Laurel or Philodendron Xanadu . With this combination, you can cozy your home, restaurant space or create a beautiful green oasis of peace, for example in the wellness. You can add an equally nice flower pot, the large selection of which you will also find on our website. It is evidenced by the high or low variant. This plant is definitely very variable, so your imagination can work fully.


Product code 20029
Height 110 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert diameter 17 cm
Trunk / stem length 35 cm
Number of stems / stems 4 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Branch length 65 cm
Number of branches 37 ks
Branch material plastic
Leaf width 15 cm
Leaf length 36 cm
Number of sheets 30 ks
Sheet material plastic
The width of the flower 6 cm
Flower length 15 cm
Number of flowers 4 ks
Number of buds 3 ks
Trunk / stem color green
Branch color green
Leaf color green
Flower color creamy
Bud color green
UV Protection not


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