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Artificial plant Orchidea Cymbidium light green 50 cm

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The Cymbidium orchid is really a very beautiful orchid, which comes from the tropics as well as from the foothills of the mountains and is very popular in our country. The beautiful and detailed artificial orchid Cymbidium is about 50 cm high. The orchid is made with four leaves and 5 flowers partially made by hand. The color of the flowers is beautiful lemon-green. The dish shown - the pot is not part of the package. The orchid is finished with a retractable mallet. Beautiful leaves and flowers have as good color and shape as the original real orchid. It is a perfect replica of a plant that is difficult to distinguish from a living plant. The plant looks very real and is suitable as a decoration for any room.


Product code 4566
Height 50 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot not included
Number of sheets 4 ks
Number of flowers 5 ks
Trunk / stem color green
Leaf color green
Flower color yellow-green
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany
Fruits / flowers yes


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