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Artificial plant Chinese Bamboo 150 cm

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Bamboo is rightly one of the most decorative plants. The beautiful Chinese Chinese Bamboo artificial plant consists of 5 very beautiful natural bamboo stems, which are equipped with 1,001 canvas leaves. Bamboo leaves are characterized by a narrow and elongated leaf shape and a fresh green color. The width of the leaves is about 1 - 2 cm. This artificial plant is suitable for protected outdoor areas. It is not suitable for windy places because the leaves may tear off. Protect from frost. Bamboo is about 150 cm tall with a diameter of 80 - 90 cm. The plant is delivered in the base of a plastic pot measuring 12 x 15 cm.


Product code 4584
Height 150 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Average 80 cm
Insert height 12 cm
Insert diameter 15 cm
Trunk / stem color light brown
Leaf color green
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany


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