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Artificial Philodendron 180 cm

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Philodendron is a genus of plants in the Aron family. They are small but robust, perennial herbs with entire or broken leaves and small flowers in cane-shaped inflorescences covered with tulle. The fruit is berries. The genus includes about 500 species and is widespread exclusively in tropical America. Philodendrons are known primarily as houseplants. A number of cultivars were grown. They are also grown in the tropics as outdoor ornamental plants. They contain needles of calcium oxalate and, if swallowed, cause irritation of the digestive system. In 2018, a total of 21 species were reclassified into the new genus Thaumatophyllum, including the cultivated species T. bipinnatifidum and T. speciosum.


The genus includes about 482 to 538 described and recognized species, but the total number is higher and is estimated at about 700 species. It is the second largest genus in the Aron family. It is widespread exclusively in tropical America, extending from northern Mexico, through Central America, to Paraguay and northern Argentina, and includes the Caribbean islands. The center of species diversity is in Brazil. Philodendrons grow mainly in tropical rainforests, much rarer in sparse tropical forests, swamps and along watercourses. They grow as epiphytes or semi-epiphytes on trees, as litophytes on rocks and cliffs, or as rhizome herbs on solid ground or in swamps. They are mainly looking for shady habitats.


Our artificial philodendron is 180 cm high, including a flowerpot. It consists of 1 strain, light green in color, which is made of plastic. The leaves are made of plastic material that is alive to the touch and are 252 pieces. They are dark green in color, slightly browned at the end. It is a perfect replica of a live version of this plant. Philodendron is supplied in a basic plastic pot with a diameter of 20.32 cm , together with an artificial substrate, which is covered with moss.


Our artificial tree Filodendron due to the fact that it does not have UV protection is designed for the interior . It is suitable for bright and open rooms in the apartment, where its beauty is guaranteed to enliven the interior. Thanks to its appearance, it can excel in the entrance halls of hotels and restaurants . He can stand out perfectly on his own, he doesn't need a companion to himself. It's the perfect replacement for the live version of Philodendron.


The artificial Philodendron combines very well with other species of Figs, but also with various palm trees. This Philodendron is also perfectly "understood" with our plastic RATO flowerpots with a rattan pattern of a lighter but also dark color. You will find them in our offer. You can also make the planting in the flowerpot special by placing wooden chips on the surface of the substrate, a large selection of which you will also find on our website.


Product code 20058
Height 180 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Width 8 cm
Insert diameter 19.8 cm
Trunk / stem length 100 cm
Number of stems / stems 1 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Branch length 17 cm
Leaf width 9 cm
Leaf length 17 cm
Number of sheets 252 ks
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color green
Branch color brown
Leaf color green
UV Protection not


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