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Artificial garland Philodendron 190 cm

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Philodendron (Philodendron) is a genus of plants in the Aron family. They are small to robust, perennial herbs with solid or articulated, stem leaves and small flowers in cane-shaped flowering inflorescences. What characterizes this plant the most are its leaves, which have a heart-shaped design, deep green in color. Compared to other Philodendrons, it is smaller in size, which allows you to grow it in pots without any problems. It has many leaves and that is why many choose to let it hang from the ceiling. Although it is considered a plant with underdeveloped roots, it is true that it grows very fast until it is considered a vine. Not many people know that Philodendron cordatum is a poisonous plant. It is sold in shops as an indoor plant, but the truth is that it is a species that can affect the health of humans, but also animals, if they consume them. This plant has a special place in the hearts of gardeners. Probably because it grows even in dark places and perfectly cleans the air.


This plant is native to Brazil and Peru. It is widespread exclusively in tropical America. The area extends from northern Mexico, through Central America, to Paraguay and northern Argentina, and includes the Caribbean islands. Although it is an exotic plant, the truth is that it adapts very well to other climates and environments. Its resilience helps the plant change its needs with enough time for this adaptation. Obviously, the winter does not suit him very well, so in the north of Spain it is recommended that it be indoors, but in the case of the south you could consider its location both indoors and outdoors, as it adapts very well to both places.


Our artificial garland is 190 cm long, on one stem made of plastic there are up to 113 pieces of beautiful green leaves. The leaves are very soft to the touch, even though plastic has been used to make them. They give a very natural impression, as the garland has leaves in various sizes as well as color shades of natural green.


Our artificial garland Filodendron fits perfectly into any interior . It perfectly fills a "deaf" space. You will create a beautiful chain from several pieces. Put them over doors, around windows, stair railings, or stretch them across the room. It is very suitable for filling various ikebana on the table or on the chest of drawers. You can safely place it in a hanging pot to create an interesting decoration in non-traditional places, such as above the couch in the living room, or by using more pieces of hanging pots in a row as an effective artificial "green" partition. It fills every empty corner in the room and thus wonderfully enlivens the minimalist interior, which allows it to stand out the most.


You can combine the Philodendron garland with any plant, as it has a very neutral, yet distinctive appearance. Filodendronu connection with sedum and Potosovcom can create the perfect green waterfall. Of course, you will find all these mentioned artificial plants in our offer.


Product code 20212
Determination interior
Length 190 cm
Number of stems / stems 1 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 13 cm
Leaf width 8 cm
Number of sheets 113 ks
Sheet material plastic
Leaf color green
UV Protection not
The length of the mandrel 10 cm


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